Where is the coaster? And where are the skulls and the crazy signs?

the roaster coastser

You might be thinking: Is this Speedcult or what?   And you may saying to yourself: Where the heck is the roller coaster and the other crazy metal Speedcult is known for?  And if that doesn’t get you frustrated, if you came for a t-shirt, they’re gone!!?  Poof!  El disappearo!  Well fear not, you’re not in the middle of a twilight zone episode.  We still feature those things at our main website which you can find at:  http://www.speedcult.com.

So where are you now?

This site is Speedcult Officially Licensed, and it is strictly dedicated to cutting and selling the logos of our branding partners, such as Ford, GM, FCA and Mopar.

We realize it’s a little confusing, but it’s the way our new partners want it.  And since the things you find at the main site are still part of us, we will continue to maintain it and add new products even with this new site now operational.  Unfortunately, because of this, the shopping carts for the two sites are separate and they produce separate sales.

If you are interested in seeing a little more about Speedcult; please visit us at: http://www.speedcult.com.