$5 Shipping in the USA

Speedcult Officially Licensed now has $5 shipping to addresses in the USA. We are doing this because with all the Coronavirus pandemic lock downs most States are in, it does not seem like car shows we vend at will be happening in the near term.

So when is the next car show? I don’t know? Even if things start to loosen up, will people venture out after the non-stop fear porn in all of the media. All I know is since we can’t see you, and you can’t see us, we’re trying to make it easier for you to get the logos you crave. So that’s why we’re doing the $5.00 shipping to addresses in the USA.

So here is how it works. Buy one item, and your shipping charge is $5. If you buy two, it’s still $5. Buy five, buy ten, it’s still $5. This is a great money saving value for you. So take advantage of this limited time offer at our Speedcult Officially Licensed website.

If you are an international customer, I am sorry, but we are unable to offer this great deal to you, the costs can get crazy in a hurry depending upon the size and weight of the package.