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SEPTEMBER Is Action Packed! Updated

SEPTEMBER Is Action Packed! Updated

september action packed

The year is flying by… again.  It’s like we just started, but already I can see the end.  I guess that’s what happens when you start to get old.  Right now I’m stocking up on as many breaths as I can, because once we get past the Dream Cruise in a couple of weeks, there won’t be any time to breathe. 

September is the time of year I always seem to have a drinking problem, because it seems like I never have enough time to drink.  But hey, that’s my problem.  The good news for you is there are going to be some cool car shows to come once we get into Fall where you can check out some rides and maybe swill a beer or two.  We hope to see you guys if we are in your area.  So don’t be shy… Just say hi.

Sept 2-3: Greaserama
Kansas City, MO
Link: http://greaserama.com/

Sept 8-10: Frankenmuth Auto Fest
Frankenmuth, MI
Link: http://www.frankenmuthautofest.net/

Sept 21-24: Ducktail Run
Gas City, IN
Link: http://www.ducktailrun.com/

Oct. 7th: Iron Invasion
Woodstock, IL
Link: http://www.ironinvasion.com/

Oct. 14-15: Slamfest
Florida State Fairgrounds
4800 U.S. Highway 301 N.
Tampa, FL 33610
Link: https://www.facebook.com/SLAMFESTNTAMPAFL/

Nov. 17-19: Moultrie Swap Meet
Moultrie, GA
Link: http://www.moultrieswapmeet.com/

Nov 23-26: Turkey Run
Daytona, FL
Link: http://www.turkeyrun.com/Turkey_Run_Home.html


The Woodward Dream Cruise Is Coming

The Woodward Dream Cruise Is Coming

dream cruise 2017

The Woodward Dream Cruise for 2017 is fast approaching.  The cool thing about this event is that anybody and everybody can be involved… even accidentally so to speak.  And that’s because it’s an open road and you might have something classic like the Edsel pictured above, and then along side of it, Mom driving her mini-van to the grocery store.  Just know there will be lots of cool rides in the mix, no matter what.

Speedcult will be there too.  We’ll be set up at the Rustbelt Market, found at the corner of Woodward and Nine Mile.  So if you get the itch to buy a cool metal logo after seeing all the cool cars, we’ll be there for you.  Plus there’s lots to do in Ferndale as far as eats and drinks go. 

Anyway, now that I have your attention, I’m sure you are wondering when this fine event will be taking place.  So pull out your calendars boys and girls and pencil in August 19th.  See you then!