When Is The Next Car Show?

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UPDATED 06/08/2021: As we roll into Summer, things are definitely looking a lot better than just a couple of months ago. Even though it’s beginning to look better… You know the drill. What is today, may not be tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

When’s The Next Car Show?

1. Redneck Rumble (June 2021)

We had hoped to stay home and do a local show on this weekend, since the Detroit Autorama was cancelled a month ago. But that did not work out. So we’ll be heading to Tennessee this weekend for the Redneck Rumble.

When: June 11-12 2021

Where: Wilson Co. Expo Center:: 945 E Baddour Pkwy :: Lebanon, TN 37087

More Info: https://bothbarrelspromotions.com/


2. Back To The Fifties

First this show was on. Then it was off. But now, it’s back on. And there was much rejoicing. So Speedcult is happy to say we will be set up there with mass quantities of metal for your shopping pleasure.

When: June 18-20, 2021

Where: Minnesota State Fairgrounds:: 1265 Snelling Ave N, St Paul, MN 55108

More Info: https://msrabacktothe50s.com/


3. Iola Car Show 2021

This is a new show for us to hit. We look forward to setting up and showing our cutouts to this crowd.

When: July 8-10, 2021

Where: Iola Car Show and Toy Barn:: 130 Jenson Dr :: Iola, WI 54945

More Info: https://zurkopromotions.com/events/2021-07-09/


4. Syracuse Nationals

We are going back to New York for this big old car show. Lots of cool, cool rides to see at this one.

When: July 16-18, 2021

Where: New York State Fairgrounds :: 581 State Fair Blvd :: Syracuse, NY 13209-1588

More Info: https://syracusenationals.com/


5. AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

It’s been a couple of years since we were able to visit this show. It’s primarily about vintage motorcycles and racing. Very cool. Yep. Very cool.

When: July 23-25, 2021

Where: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course :: 7721 Steam Corners Rd :: Lexington, OH 44904

More Info: https://midohio.com/tickets/2/vintage-motorcycle-days-ama


6. Piston Jammers Panty Raid

This show takes place here in Michigan, down near the Ohio border. It’s a car show and an overnight party that just gets better every year.

When: July 31, 2021

Where: Lambertville Civic Club :: 8243 Monroe Rd :: Lambertville Michigan 48144

More Info: https://pistonjammerscc.wixsite.com/pantyraid


7. Symco Hotrod & Kustom Weekender

Back to Wisconsin we go for another show we have not been to for a few years.

When: August 13-14 2021

Where: Union Thresheree Grounds :: E6361 WI-22 :: Manawa, WI 54949

More Info: https://www.symcohotrods.com/


8. Stay Tuned…

We’ll let you know when we know if you know what I mean